Be Critical of Claims…

Looking for a good, qualified, professional IT services company shouldn’t be as difficult as it is.

Some have argued recently that regulation by the state, like they do with contractors, would help this. I disagree, for a myriad of reasons. But that is for another post.

I would venture to say that one way is to simply be more critical of the claims of a company. For example:

Do they claim to be a “leading” company? If so, by what criteria?

Do they claim to be vendor-neutral? If so, is that reflected in their partnerships with certain hardware or software manufacturers? Vendor neutrality is extremely rare–we all have preferences based on situation, support options, etc.

Do they make a particularly major point about the age of the company or date it was established? Does that ignore ownership changes or employee turnover, both of which can be far more of an indicator of the true stability of the company?

Are they a one-size-fits-all company? One of the major trends on IT in recent years is that of managed services, and there are some very valid reasons for it. But is it the right fit for every client? Absolutely not.

IT Service Works is here as a resource, whether that be to consult and support your company, supplement your current IT support, or to provide an accurate, unbiased analysis of your current support and issues. Feel free to contact with any questions!

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