Do you really need a mail server?

One of the trends over the past 10+ years has been for a small business to bring their email internal using Small Business Server, Exchange, a Linux server, etc. But is it necessary any longer?

For some, the answer will be yes…whether by size or industry requirements. But for others, there are new options that provide similar functionality with far less financial and technical¬† burden. Hosted Exchange is one of those options, Google Apps is another, and others are beginning to come into play.

The cost for these other options most often is a flat monthly or yearly fee per mailbox, and tend to be relatively low. Google Apps also offers a free version with limitations on space, is ad-supported, and doesn’t provide for archiving/message security. But for many small businesses, it provides what is needed.

An additional benefit to hosted email? Disaster recovery…since it is hosted elsewhere, and most often across multiple geographically-diverse data centers, you have the safety that your email/calendars will be available if something happens locally.

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