Mount Windows Shares in Ubuntu (or derivative)

1. edit your /etc/hosts file; give the Windows machine an associated name (or to be consistent with Windows networking, the machine’s Netbios name)
2. install the samba and smbfs packages (sudo apt-get install samba/smbfs)
3. Create a directory for the share to appear locally (sudo mkdir /mnt/bob, for instance)
4. Edit /etc/fstab for the share (example of //systemname/sharename /mnt/bob cifs exec,credentials=/etc/cifspw 0 0)
5. Since you just referred it to a password file, create that (in /etc/cifspw for the credentials of the share, as in:
6. Secure it, if you want (sudo chmod 600 /etc/cifspw)
7. Mount it up: sudo mount -a
8. Create shortcuts/links as you will (the mount is in the location you specified in step 3)


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