Small Business Server 2003 and Spam

Despite years of fighting it, legislation designed to deter it, and technology designed to stop it, spam is only increasing. For small business clients running Small Business Server 2003, the increase of spam is a decrease in productivity as email has to be checked and/or deleted.

Years ago Microsoft came out with the Intelligent Message Filtering for Exchange and SBS, but it has continually fallen short for desired results. It bases its filtering on the SCL (spam confidence rating) of an email message, where the content of a message is “read” and given a rating based on content and its likelihood of being spam. Results, as the advertising world would say, vary–but in general, it isn’t reliable.

Other vendors–both hardware and software–have begun adding services designed to combat spam. A particular one I like is a gateway anti-spam service for Watchguard firewalls, mostly because I like the idea of a gateway device doing so before the spam hits an Exchange or SBS server.

But even so, I very recently came across a solution to add much more effective filtering into SBS/Exchange. So much in fact that with one client, it reduced their spam problem to almost nil. Was so effective that I immediately applied the same to two other clients with SBS 2003 and then emailed them. In both cases, they saw a huge difference…and both sent emails thanking me for the proactive response.

Best of all, it required no additional software or hardware, just some configuration. If you would like to know more, or would like assistance in getting the spam under control in your SBS-based network, please contact me!

And when the internal spam filteringĀ justĀ isn’t cutting it, check out this spam filtering service that ITSW uses with clients!

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